Check if scheduled task is active in automation


I have a scheduler (turns on a switch every time at a certain time).
Secondly, I have an automation which turns this switch on and off.

Is it possible to state the automation, that they should not run, when my scheduler is on? (In the meaning of the scheduler is actually switching on and off, not the scheduler is activated).

Do you mean like a condition?
So a boolean on/off switch to an automation?

Either doable the automation (generally not advices) or put a boolean as condition.

Yes, a state condition will tell you if the schedule is currently on.

  condition: state
  entity_id: schedule.your_schedle
  state: 'on'

Yes thats exactly what i want.
But i do not have such an entity with schedule.X.

I only have the entity, which shows if the scheduler is activated:


Created my scheduler entry via the scheduler cards.

I assumed you were using this:

No idea what you have actually used.

I have this one:

Found a solution with current_slot attribute:

condition: state
entity_id: switch.schedule_warmwasser
attribute: current_slot
state: 0