Check installed sonoff zigbee 3.0 firmware version

HiI bought a Sonoff zigbee, and I would like to check the installed firmware version.
The device is correctly installed in HA , and configured as a coordinator
BUT the device info give NO info about the firmware version.

Is it possible to check it with some menu or some command line ?


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You don’t say what Zigbee stack you are using. If Zigbee2mqtt :

revision is the firmware version.

Thanks for your reply

I installed Sonoff zigbee using ZHA.
I see you are in Dev-Tool → State-
BUT with ZHA there is no a similar info for Sonof Zigbee under Dev-Tool → State.

The strange thing is that it is present in system->devices, but with NO version number

Under the three dots I found “download diagnostic”, and in the yaml I found

"data": {
    "ieee": "**REDACTED**",
    "nwk": 0,
    "manufacturer": "Texas Instruments",
    "model": "CC1352/CC2652, Z-Stack 3.30+ (build 20210708)",
    "name": "Texas Instruments CC1352/CC2652, Z-Stack 3.30+ (build 20210708)",

Seems an old build… even if I received it this week…
Seems it is better to upgrade… should I go with Z-Stack_3.x.0 20220219 ?


Yes, 20220219 is reported stable. I just did not take time to upgrade myself.

I also have the 20210708 on a device I received a few days ago. I just got all setup and everything mesh’ed up. If I update firmware will I have to rejoin all the devices?


strange, I’m running zigbee2mqtt but don’t have that entry. Any idea why?

I found it in settings/about:


No. If you currently run 1.20 or higher, there is no need to re-pair your devices after upgrading your firmware.

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Seems that , as with zwave2mqtt, the mqtt layer is making visible/usable more information/functions from Zigbee … is it ?
(already using mqtt with zwave… noticed similar behavior )

I installed sonoff zigbee 3 as a “simple” integration, i.e. NOT using MQTT…

WHICH benefit would I get using the zigbee2mqtt with the coordinator or with the endpoints ?
Should I reinterview/register the nodes with this upgrade?

I’ve just assembled a test rig to test things before buying and installing the home automation, so I have few nodes to reinstall and testing different things is of interest …

One more Newbie question:
For what concerning the automation script, the upgrade to zigbee2mqtt force to move from plaftorm: event to platform: mqtt, or will both the “platform” be available ?

I am the absolutely wrong person to be asking this. I just barely got Zigbee2mqtt working in the past two days. The only reason I knew where to see the version number is because I flashed the upgrade to my Sonoff dongle.

In rereading the thread, I see that you are using ZHA and not Zigbee2mqtt.

Just resurrecting this thread.

I have a sonoff dongle as a ZHA/Zigbee coordinator and am curious what my firmware version is.
Using the diagnose trick above, all I get is the following:-

  "data": {
    "ieee": "**REDACTED**",
    "nwk": 0,
    "manufacturer": "Silicon Labs",
    "model": "EZSP",
    "name": "Silicon Labs EZSP",
    "quirk_applied": false,
    "quirk_class": "bellows.zigbee.device.EZSPCoordinator",
    "manufacturer_code": 43981,
    "power_source": "Mains",
    "lqi": 255,
    "rssi": 0,
    "last_seen": "2023-02-07T21:34:37",
    "available": true,
    "device_type": "Coordinator",

How might I go about getting its firmware version ?

I’ve realised after a bit more research that my sonoff dongle is the E variant, not the original P variant, which is marketed as the ‘v2’ dongle. This means it uses a totall different chipset (the MG21), and therefore a totally different firmware.

Hi, I have the same as yours. have you found out it’s firmware. is there any need to flash. I cannot find that info so easily. I got 1 device that is in a pairing-unpairing endless cycle which did not happen with other dongle I had so I am wondering if it is somehow related to the firmware.

Hello, same problem here, had you a solution? Is there a way to upgrade the firmware through this integration?

Hello everyone. I have the same question/problem. ZHA/Zigbee integration with Sonoff dongle E variant. I haven’t found a way to check the firmware version of the dongle.
Any help is much appreciated.

See these two threads for more discussion (inc. FW info) on ZBDongle-P and ZBDongle-P respectively:


Thank you for the hints. After reading the posts I haven’t managed to find a straight forward way to check the FW version of the dongle though.
I have recently bought the usb dongle and I am using it as my zigbee coordinator. It is working ok, I was mostly curious to know if the FW delivered was up to date or not.

They all ship with older firmware mentioned in those two threads, thus your dongle will for sure not have the latest firmware out-of-the-box. If want newer firmware then need to flash community firmware.

There is however no newer official firmware released by ITead/Sonoff, (and do not expect them to release such often), so you have to rely on firmware builds from the community if you want to upgrade.

And while it is not a must to upgrade for it to work it is generally recommended to upgrade firmware somewhat regularly as each new firmware release will contain bug-fixes and improved compatibility.

You do not gain any new features or functions with newer firmware, though they should in theory make it more stable and be more compatible with newer devices, but note that most of the compatibllity issues with devices will need to be fixed in the application and not in the firmware anyway.

Ok understood, thanks. I will keep an eye on future official FW releases. So far it is working ok, although I am having issues with some IKEA buttons.

Also be sure to follow → Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization