Check multiple entities and pass to TTS Alexa

Hello guys,

I’m struggling with an automation for 3 days like now and I can’t get it to work.
I want to ask Alexa if it’s any windows open or doors but I don’t know how to get all entities on a string and after that Alexa will tell me if it’s any windows open or doors.

I’m using Get Entity Node but can’t pass anymore the Friendly Name.

I try the example from @Kermit but didn’t work for me, can’t pass the names.
I tried example 1 from here: Examples for using the new Get Entities node

Can somebody give me any tips for this?


it’s easier to understand what is the problem if we can see your flow.

Here is the flow:
Here is a SS with the flow + debug window:

I get the friendly name from the first debug node. On second debug node I don’t get anything.
That’s what I tried so far…if I can’t get it work I’ll try with 4 current state nodes first (and not just 1 get entities).


Change the output type of the get entities node to Split

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You’re genius. Thanks a lot!