Check route Zwave device

I have an smoke alarm in my garage, but it does not wake up, when I press " the button" in the garage. When I come close to the controller it does wake up.
So my conclusion is it cannot reach the controller.

My Zwave network has quite some devices with repeat functionality. Like a wall plug switch which I placed next to the garage to see if my smoke alarm would react. But it still doesnt wake up.
I did a heal network, but also that didnt help.

To debug further, I would like to see if a device has repeat functionality and what the route is a device is using. Is that possible? And are there maybe other ways to debug or get this solved?


Any mains-powered device acts as a repeater.

You can use the Z-Wave JS UI node health check feature to see routes and route quality.

You can go to device in UI and select “configure”

Under configure you can look at “statistics”.
If it has poor connection you will see many dropped TX/RX. Maybe also consider the RTT compared to other devices in network