Check state of 433Mhz switch?

Can I check status of 433Mhz switch?

Because If I restart HA I lost status of devices? Status Is Always off after restart.


It would help if you shared what switch you’re using.

Which version of HA are you using. Most states are saved after a restart.
Also how do you restart HA?
If you use the systemctl restart home-assistant@[user].service command (replace [user] with your username) then it should remember states.

Alternatively you can set some states at restart with an automation, or you can follow this:


I am using RFXCOM as transmitter:

Receiving switch socket is:

I am on 0.62.0 HA version.

After restart of HA switch is always off?

I have the same transceiver, and use a combination of controlled switches.
How do you start / stop / restart HA?
I used to start it with hass and stop it with ctrl+c. This would not retain much of the states.
I now start / stop HA as a service which saves each state.
sudo systemctl start [email protected]
Replace start with stop or restart as needed.
See if you can try this way