Checking if consecutive events from a vibration-sensor occured


I have some automation running which tells me when to pull the trashbin to the road using a waste-integration and Alexa.

It tolds my daughter in the morning to place the bin at the road. And, as kids are thinking about anything but doing tasks told by their parents she forgot it most of the time :slight_smile:

So my idea is to place an Aqara vibration-sensor under the bin and register its vibrations as she pulls it to the road. If we dont have two consecutive vibration-events from the sensor, the bin is not on the road as it took around 45 seconds pulling it to the road. Then, I could tell Alexa to shout to my daughter again in the evening to pull that damn thing to the street.
My sensor resets its status every 30 seconds so this should work, but I don’t know how to measure the consecutive events in this given timeframe.

Zigbee-Connection should not be an issue as I have the whole driveway (70m) full of working Hue-Stuff.

Thanks and kind regards,

Ok, looks like the motion-reset time is about 65 seconds which is too long, so there will be no more than 1 event until the bin is at the street unless my daughter falls asleep while pulling it :slight_smile:

What about detecting the direct zigbee-neighbor of the device, would this be possible using the deConz-API? Had to examine it now…