Checking on assumption of splitting up Automation.yaml

The amount of automations is now growing fast. With everything in one Automation.yaml it’s getting a bit to large. I don’t prefer to split it up per automation (so a file for each automation) but in groups that belong together (for example all motion lights automations).

I personally find the documentation about this a bit tough to interpret. So double checking. Hoping someone can confirm below is correct in the context of above.

So my understanding is that I can just split up my Automation.yaml in multiple parts (for example one with all my 6 light/motion automations and one with my presence/away automations etc.) without changing any formatting. Put them in a directory (let’s call it /automations) and then use automation: !include include_dir_merge_list automations in my configuration.yaml

Yep, that should work.
I explained it with a bit more detail here:


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And you did a great job of it as well. Just wanted to thank you.:slight_smile:

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Thanks! All working fine!

Just for completeness it’s below (I made a typo in mine above):

automation: !include_dir_merge_list automation/