Checking status of servers/computers


I am hoping someone can help me. I have a couple pcs running in my home including a little home server and I was hoping to be able to include some cards on my HA that would track the status of them. I can see there is a system monitor component but this appears to only do the actual HA system, also it does allow me to track whether the system is hibernating or off etc (obvious if it’s only tracking its own system)

Does anyone know of a component that would let me know when my pcs/server is on or off etc and a few of its attributes maybe?

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It depends on what operating system those computers run - there are a range of system monitor components.

For the simplest, the basic ping presence detector will tell you about on and off.

For ON/OFF any of the device trackers

For.detailed system stats look into snmp

You can also use Mqtt
Send system stats from each server (like heartbeat status message) using mqtt. Create mqtt sensor to display in HA.

Thanks guys, that’s really helpful although I am very new to this and I am rubbish with coding so I will give this ago but may need to come back for more advice!

Does anyone know of a good and reliable way to determine if Home Assistant as a whole is operating? I guess what I am looking for is a way to externally monitor my Home Assistant from a cloud service or a remote computer (not on my LAN) to determine if everything is up. I had an issue with my ISP modem a few weeks back where it somehow froze and I lost connectivity. Obviously the local functionality still worked which is a huge + of using Home Assistant. However, had I been on vacation and something happened, I wouldn’t have known.

I have a RPi at my work which is always on, so perhaps a script between it and my Hassio that runs and checks for connection? If the connection failed, I could send an Twilio SMS from the work RPi.

Im just trying not to re-invent the wheel.


A script that just curls your home assistant URL and reports a 200 if it responds.

That’s a good idea, thanks. I will try it out

I’ve been using but I haven’t actually integrated the component into HA yet I just use their email notifications because if my internet was down and I wasn’t home I wouldn’t be able to connect to HA anyway…

I know this is a little late to the game, but for anyone else coming to this from Google I’ve ended up making a “lightweight monitoring API” that runs in docker (so it’s portable and quick and easy to deploy anywhere) to allow you to integrate various linux devices (Raspberry PI etc) into HA –