Chicago HASS Happy Hour

Would anyone in the Chicago region be interested in a happy hour or small potluck? If there is enough interest, a new person could host each month and share their favorite devices/automations/frontend/etc. I think a few cities are trying something similar. If you don’t live in Chi, feel free to link in a new thread for your town. Perhaps a wordpress admin/moderator of can allow members to create subgroups? @balloob - is this something you manage/delegate? I only see the “moderator” group and don’t appear to have permission to create one.

Looping in a few active members that appear to live in the Chicago area, based on past comments:
@mbonani @silvrr @azeroth12 @bundito

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Just an FYI: This site isn’t run on WordPress. :wink:

edit: just in case you were looking for WordPress specific plugins or features.

Very good idea :wink: some sort of local HA users group :+1:

I love the idea, but I don’t live in the Chicago area.

Out of curiosity, what made you think that I live there? :slight_smile:

I just searched for anyone that mentioned Chicago on this forum. It looks like you were included because you posted a config snippet with a world clock containing the Chicago timezone here: Use entity picture of another sensor