China LED Bulb

Hi all,
i bought 2 China LED Bulbs RGBW ( managed by MAGIC HOME LITE app (

They work perfectly with app and Alexa skill too but i can’t setup them in my Home Assistant.

I tried with flux_led platform but they were not recognized.
They should use the broadlink wifi chip.

Can someone help me?

Thnx in advance,

Try tuya component

The Echo/Alexa interface protocol is Zigbee if that helps.

Yes i know but in my case i’m using the small echo dot (without zigbee hub) with Alexa " MAGIC HOME LITE" Skill

Tuya component needs a Tuya account but i don’t have it.
Anyway i installed the Tuya App, registered an account and tried to setup the light but it has not been recognized.

Can i use ZigBee protocol to try to discovery the China LED Bulbs?
Can it works?

Did you figure this out?

Unfortunately no, i’m using Alexa and owner app to switch on/off and color changing

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Could you finally integrate them into Home Assistant?

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I got this lamp I wanted her to work in hassio in the debian os, but nowhere in the integrations did I find a package for her. Is it possible to connect it without an application from the manufacturer on the local network?

@Aleksahek here took care of it I think knowledgeable people will just do it or not?