Chinese "no name" smoke detector for $2 + esp 8266 + esphhome = smart smoke detector

Hello! This is my first post in community. Please do not judge strictly and point out what can be done better. I am ready to improve and want to be useful.

I found an old smoke detector and an unnecessary esp 66. As a result, I got a smart smoke detection system.
In my opinion, my version is simpler than everything that I have seen on the net.

Briefly describe, then … “GND” ESP8266 I connect to the “GND” of the detector board. “Plus” the detector’s tweeters are connected to the assigned pin of the esp. In esphome I use the platform: gpio, mod: input. I add a filter so that the binary sensor works more correctly.

esphome configuration:

  - platform: gpio
      number: GPIO5
      mode: INPUT
      - delayed_off: 2s
    name: "smoke test"
    device_class: smoke

I made a video on YouTube, if you’re interested, you can watch: