Chip card height to much in sections view


I am re-building my dashboard in the “sections” view type, which I like a lot, there are a few buts though… one of them is that my mushroom-chips-card which I already used to show statuses of all kinds of stuff, are now twice as heigh, as the grid adds spacing, likely it has a minimal height or something…


In a Masonry view the next card is right below, no spacing…
Does anyone know how to tweak this?
I would think this an improvement point for the experimental sections, right?

Have the same issue here. Got look on CSS. Seems like the container of the sections is using:

constructed stylesheet
.container {
   grid-auto-rows: minmax(var(--row-height), auto);

where --row-height: 66px is, which is larger than chips-card height (in my case 38px). When changing it in Chrome DevTools to 45px it looks much better.

Not sure what would be the best way to handle the min size and which other issues would it produce.