Choosing a bridge: OpenZWave/qt-openzwave vs. OpenZWave/Zwave2Mqtt

Hi All,
I’d like to move away from the internal zwave integration if favour of an MQTT based gateway.

After some poking around, it seems there are two mainstream options available:
A. OpenZWave/qt-openzwave combined with the cgarwood/homeassistant-zwave_mqtt HA integration
B. OpenZWave/Zwave2Mqtt which uses MQTT discovery for integration with HA

it seems both are using OZW 1.6 underneath.

It feels like the first is might be preferred by the HA team (it was mentioned late last year in the future changes); while the latter feels more mature, with an included control panel

As my setup is using homeassistant on docker (no supervisor), the latter might be easier to install/maintain.

Any opinions about which I should go for?
As both seem competing solutions, any insights about their future?

Thanks !

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You should do

because it will be the replacement for the next generation of Zwave in home assistant. Currently it’s in alpha/beta phase. I don’t think Zwave2Mqtt will be maintained after it’s released. I could be wrong on that though.

Could someone point me at the document/discussion around the HA teams selection/evaluation of qt-openzwave vs. zwave2mqtt please?

Thanks much!

I don’t have that info. All I know is that the guy who built openzwave is making qt-openzwave. So that’s probably the driving reason.

Most of the discussion happened on Discord. We opted for the qt-openzwave route because it is maintained directly by the OpenZWave lead developer and ties in directly to OpenZWave, whereas Zwave2mqtt is a nodejs wrapper on top of OpenZWave maintained by someone else. I believe the plan is for qt-openzwave to be the base for the new official OpenZWave control panel as well, so it should be kept up to date a lot better than Zwave2mqtt.


Thanks Petro and Charles for the explanation. It sounds like the decision was pretty straightforward and I am very much looking forward to this much needed decoupling. Do we know if the Zwave2mqtt dev(s) are getting behind qt-openzwave (Petro, you mentioned that you thought Zwave2Mqtt would be deprecated at some point after after qt-openzwave is released)? I personally like the idea of everybody getting behind a single solution, but I suppose some competition isn’t bad either (don’t know if that is the case in this instance).


I’m only making assumptions based on rumors. Nothing concrete.

Yup, understood.

I’m hoping that other stakeholders might chime in here and hopefully we can build something more concrete.


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oh damn i just got z-wave2mqtt running. i tried qt-openzwave but i run into trouble … in what channels i should ask questions in discord? sooo many channels :frowning:

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I just did the same. I switched from the native z-wave implementation to zwave2mqtt. Now I’ve learned about qt-openzwave and not sure where I should go from here.

I dunno if i do something wrong but at the moment qt-openzwave in hass feels very incomplete

because it’s in beta…

Yes damn… I am using zwave2mqtt now and wondered why is was “old” (the addon). Even asked frenck on github how to update it myself but had to wait for maintenance release…

Edit: if I run hass core with addons how can I get qt-zwave2mqtt as addon?

Zwave2MQTT is not purely a Home Assistant solution. It can be used on many platforms. It will likely remain as an fully maintained option, but may not be as upto date as QT-OZW as it relies on the JS Wrapper to be updated.
The new integration @cgarwood is presenting is for the official Home Assistant solution.
Like Zigbee2MQTT, Zwave2MQTT project is standalone and separate from Home Assistant.

Personally I hope it is maintained as there are a few use cases for it, but I could understand if QT-OZW eventually fills its spot…

In Home Assistant 0.110 beta (and the full version when released hopefully) the QT-OpenZwave is available as an add-on from the Supervisor Add-on panel. It should be available the same way other add-ons are from 0.110 onward.

@Brandan, thank you. If it is this way we also need to rely on the “update-frequency” of @frenck to the add-ons in order to have them up-to-date. Hence… this is the issue for me as well for the current zwave2mqtt add-on (not so up-to-date).

@sender I have a feeling, given it will become the official way to get Z-Wave into HA, that @frenck will maintain it quite well. He is pretty good at maintaining the other add-ons and he is on the Nabu Casa payroll :slight_smile:
Ican’t speak for zwave2mqtt. I have a feeling there are other issues keeping that from being fully updated

So this:

will be the new official home assistant QT-zwave2mqtt add-on?

with OZW1.6 and fully “integrated” in HA?

@sender That is what I understand from the discussions on The Future of Z-Wave in HA - QT-OpenZWave
This is available in 0.110 beta.

Edit: As a note, the founding developer of OpenZWave is also working with the HA team on this integration.

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Ok 110 is here.

2 questions:

  1. I uninstalled zwave2mqtt add-on but in the left menu bar the menu item is not gone:
    any tip to get that away there?

  2. I installed openzwave add-on.
    then I installed the integration:

In the add-on I cannot add my usb zwave stick:

What’s wrong there?