Choosing a hardwired alarm system that can be "professionally" installed?

I’m in the process of renovating a house, and I want to set up a wired alarm & fire system. My builder is recommending a Napco Gemini, but that seems unlikely to be integrated with home assistant. My insurance requires “professional installation and monitoring”, so I cannot just use Konnected or another system and then use a UL-listed monitoring station–a “professional company” must install the dang thing.

What alarm system can I get that would probably be offered by a professional installer, but also have a way for me to access information about triggered zones, arm, and disarm via homeassistant?

Where are you located different geography has different brands and requirements.

Im in the US. I use an Envisalink EVL4. It works with newer DSC and Honeywell systems. To the alarm system it just wires in as a keypad.

It bridges a the system sensors to HA and allows the system to operate completely independently of HA info necessary.

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Thanks! I’m in the US as well. The EVL4 seems very slick. Does it let you add “virtual” sensors, so that HA can trigger a zone too? And does it give you local and real-time updates for all the zones/sensors on your panel?

I’m in the US and have used the Elk M1 Gold for +10 years. Never had a problem with it and the HA integration is great.

I have to admit this looks light years ahead of my Elk M1. I’ll keep this in mind if I need to upgrade.

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Local and real time updates yes.

Link to the integration:

It shows up as an alarm panel I HA, and each defined sensor (depends on what you actually have setup on your board) is pulled into HA.

I have full control of the panel even when internet is down and even of HA is completely offline it works as a standard security system.

So basically it enaclbles a situation where those who know nothing about home automation can use my system. Most people know how to enter a code on a security system… but if you happen to have a door code for my home you also disarmed the system when you came in the front door. :wink: and did a bunch of other stuff in the background because of who disarmed it… :sunglasses:

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Can you expand on that comment? How does this product seem light years ahead of your M1? I ask because I’m considering both routes as a replacement for my current wired security panel.

So, as just one example, I think the current Envisalink EVL4 with built-in web server & direct ethernet connection is more advanced and provides more capabilities than my M1 where I have to use the ElkRP2 software to access & program my M1 by connecting to the M1XEP module (which is basically a serial to ethernet bridge).

I have not done a comparison between the current Elk M1 and EVL4 so I’m curious to hear what you discover.

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Thank you for getting back to me. I agree a built-in web server is much more desirable. What you’re describing with the M1 sounds very similar to what HAI Omni Pro II panels would offer in terms of interface (that’s the panel I have now and am looking to change it out). My issue is that if I go the EVL4 route, I need to find a compatible panel and the one I’d want is the DSC PC1864, which has been discontinued.

The other two potential panel replacements I’m looking into would be the Honeywell Vista 20P and the EyezOn Uno IP Hybrid Panel.

If you’re a bit of a DIY’er you can try my ESP32 esphome implementations. Just a few dollars for a cheap esp32 and free firmware and you have everything you need. I have versions for both Vista and DSC systems. Supports same systems as an Envisalink. All opensource. They also both support virtual expanders.

See the project details here:

and here