Choosing right SD Card for Raspebrry Intsallation

Jut to be sure, before purchasing. Having tested HA on VBox now I want to purchase Raspberry 4B. Searching the right card, I see issues with NOOBS. I guess Hassos do not uses NOOBS so issues related to bigger than 32Gb cards do not care. Right?

Doesn’t matter what card you get.

Highly recommend you backup for when it fails.
Reduce DB logging and it will greatly extend card life(heavy writes to SD card will end in failure)

I see. Thx.
So for Influx+Grafana I guess an external ssd would do best.

HDD or SSD yes

Careful, you still need to boot from sd for a rpi4 at the momentand you need to run an OS that will allow moving the system to your ssd (raspbian buster or similar, not hassOS)
Kanga is comming he can advise but this is not easy for a newbie

Edit: I endorse kanga’s point below - shit cards fail quick, buy one rated for the duty, the bigger the better as wear evening helps.


It absolutely does.

This video has some good info @alvakoldo10



I remember installing a pair of $2k+ 3m 2x12 guage speaker wire on a guys Macintosh amp with his $25k+ speakers and record player with $2k+ diamond Head. Maybe the speaker cables made a difference…maybe not. Either way I feel it matched the equipment quality and he had cash so I think maybe wise buy.

This is a raspberry pi running a python app. I doubt there will be a noticeable difference but knock yourself out!!!

Also you can’t trust company saying “my product is UHS” cuz measurement methods are different making result effectively meaningless. Without measurement standard there is no comparison. And with standard if everyone interpret result different there is no standard.

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Firstly, watch the video, secondly, for reliability, the quality of the card does make a difference. You can doubt what you want, but I tend to believe in bench-marked results over thoughts.

Plus potentially a dozen add-ons all writing info to the SD card, so the faster the card and fit for purpose use, the more longevity you have with the card, meaning reliability and stability.

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My apology…that maybe was much.

Point is…it will fail regardless of quality. No feelings. Just advice. If not heavy writes maybe last long time

I’ve had a Pi3 with SD card running HA at my parents house, plus a number of add-ons for a couple of years now. No issues - using a good quality card, fit for purpose.

I have in the past used cheap $5 Sandisk cards in Pi’s and had them fail quickly. Choosing a card that is fit for purpose is important.


This is like going back and forth about NAS storage.
Ultimately, it l a little bit luck, a little application/use, and a little quality. I get that and agree. But it MAY fail regardless of benchmarks and vendor specs. Do not get caught without backup.

The OP didn’t ask how to back-up his installation, he asked about Choosing the right SD card.

I don’t disagree that backing up is important, I have redundant backups of redundant backups, but that is not what was asked. Providing your advice on whether or not cards will or won’t fail based on your thoughts, luck etc, is not the point of the topic. Provide your experience in the same scenario, if you have some. That is useful information.

Anything “MAY” fail, as you have stated. A capacitor on my PCs motherboard might fail later today, my cars transmission may fail tomorrow, it’s hypothetical and not relevant.

He wants to know the best SD card to use, help him answer that question with factual information, or at least something that is relevant. Stating things like “It doesn’t matter what card you get” is patently false.

A higher quality card will make absolutely no difference in use. (whilst it’s working)
But a crap one will fail a lot sooner.
I run a pi3 instance with sd and a pi4 instance with ssd.
I only run the pi3 as a comparison but it has been running well for 22 months now. (on the same card)
What REALLY helps is turning off as much disk thrashing as possible, log only what you must. Most graphs are just a (pretty) waste of space.

Edit: my first two (crap) cards lasted about 2-3 months each. I then bought a good one (which lasted) but I upgraded (bought a bigger one) and that’s my current.

Quite interesting data provided. Watching the video suggested by @kanga_who, I realize I’m late now to choose the best micro SD (chose a Sandisk Ultra - 64Gb). Anyway, my first approach with Raspberry. I’ll go forward thru experience.
Thanks to all of you by data provided.

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Yep, the only ‘real’ way to measure success :rofl:
Good luck

There are far worse cards than the one you chose and its size should also help

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