Choosing the Hardware (Android tablet/pi/Nuc/Blue etc)

Dear Members,
Im new to the HA game. And I was hoping you could help me to make a Hardware decision.
I did a fear amount of research so far, but I still can’t figure out what the best way is to start with HA. I don’t want to make the wrong choice now to regret it down the road.

I now mostly use Xiaomi and Sonoff sensors (10pcs), with Smartthings. Honeywell thermostat with Google home, and a lot of Shelly devices (10pcs)
Just ordered a Eufy doorbell.
And in the future I will add a few security camera’s as well (unsure what type) and probably more stuff down the line.

What I would like, is to have a central location in the house (tablet or touchscreen) to display and control everything. (Like most of you)
My first idea was buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, mounting it on the wall, and have the Server and UI both set up on the tablet.
Then I started looking at options to do a Raspberry with a separate screen or tablet interface. Then NUC etc. Hours went by, and I honestly got lost in all the info and options. Especially because technology is evolving fast, and a lot of info out there is probably outdated by now.

So I decided to ask for some professional help from people with experience.

I am a beginner at this, but I’m stubborn, and willing to learn. So some difficulty is oke, but not too crazy.
I would like most if not all devices to work offline as well. (Shouldn’t be a problem with HA I guess)
I can’t say money isn’t a problem. But it also doesn’t have to be budget, just needs to work properly.

Hope you can help me with this one.

Greetings, Simon

Hi Simon.
It’s a shame nobody helped out. I would like to have a similar set up.
Did you decide on a route to go ?

to me a intel baytrail (celeron j < 10w) or a nuc.
it’s a cheap motherboard with integrated cpu fanless
solid and with enough power for video processing or else.

google hub. i think it’s lot better than a tablet on sound,mic ,gestures, assistant, no battery etc …

My personal experiences: RAspi 3b+ with sdcard is bad. Slow, shredding the sdcard in a few months and simply not enough for me. My old office pc from 2006 with 3gb ram and hdd was an extreme upgrade: it went fast AF, ive used supervised install on manjaro linux. when my old gaming pc kinda died, i repurposed it as new server and everything went from fast to giga fast, even whole system reboots where fast AF. im still using supervised install, but ive switched from manjaro to ubuntu server lts. if you already have a small home server for nas or so, try and see if theres either a normal linux running there and install core or docker edition on it or HA as addon. or use a raspi and load the DB to the server. or use HA as entry point for getting a small server