Choosing Zigbee USB for Smartthings Water Leak Sensor

Hi folks,

In my never-ending quest to make life difficult, I didn’t realize the Samsung water leak sensors were Zigbee rather than zwave and thus I need a Zigbee USB for my Pi.

From my reading here, people have paired these with the HUSBZB-1 but that product isn’t being produced anymore and available sticks are old stock.

On the other hand, though Conbee is a current product they don’t have the sensors supported. As a result, they may not work, but are intended for future addition.

Any thoughts or guidance? Don’t really want to use the stock web hub.

I have a RaspBee hat on my Pi3+ Hassbian install.

I only have a few zigbee buttons associated with it so I don’t know if deconz will support your Samsung Water Leak sensors.

Personally I think water leak is important enough to upgrade to zwave sensors and maybe sell the Samsung sensors to a SmartThings or Hubitat user.

I have a Conbee and some Samsung motion detectors. The issue I had is if I used the Conbee with a deCONZ installation it would not see the sensors at all. I then tried the Conbee using the native ZHA and deCONZ communication protocol and it immediately found them and have been working great. My guess would be the water leak sensor would work as well if you use the native ZHA built into HA with a Conbee but until you try you don’t know. I did have a HUSBZB-1 and it was pretty reliable but I moved from a Pi to a NUC and went to the Conbee because they are adding functionality all the time and wanted some future proofing.

Get a Conbee from Amazon and try the native integration you can always return it I am sure.

How many water leak sensors do you have? Might be easier to just replace with zwave? Depends on the number of sensors though. zwave leak detectors prob cost about as much or maybe a little less than a new zigbee controller. With that said, I have a HUSBZB-1, and the samsung water leak sensor you mention and it works great. I have about 12 zigbee devices and 30-40 zwave devices and it works perfect for me.

Thanks folks, good thoughts. I have two of the sensors ATM. I think I’ll order a controller to have one and see how it works, but should be well within the time to return the sensors if need be.

If you are going with a Conbee and Native ZHA Integration you may want to refer to this post I made about the firmware and upgrading it.

Oh nice, thanks!

Did you get any further on this? I have several SmartThings leak sensors which I’d like to use with my Conbee, but they still aren’t supported by deCONZ so I was considering trying ZHA.

If I manage to get them working, then I’ll add them to this list. Just wondering if anyone else has had luck with these sensors, Conbee and ZHA yet…

I’ve seen people claim to have, but I haven’t. I can’t even get the stick to register using ZHA. I’m working on a few things at once so I haven’t had more than a couple of hours to beat my head against this particular wall, but I haven’t had much luck this far personally.

Mine integrated easily this is how I did it

Check under - System Tab on the Host System Card check hardware and look for the USB Port… if it is all you have plugged into USB it should be /dev/ttyUSB0 if you also have an Aeotec Z-Wave stick it usually comes up as /dev/ttyACM0

When you integrate the Conbee put /dev/ttyUSB0 (if that’s what yours came up as) in as the port and select deconz as the protocol… should come right up.