Christmas present wishlist

It’s coming to that time of year! The world is a difficult place for all of us right now but hopefully we can still embrace the Christmas spirit!

Members of the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) or HAF (Husband Approval Factor) clubs will, no doubt, be scrambling to figure out what to get many of us for Christmas this year! Lets make their lives easier by posting our Christmas wishlists!

Would be curious to get your suggestions for home automation related gifts that would be suitable to most Home Assistant Users. I’ll start with some simple and obvious ones:

  • Any Aqara Sensor (door, water, button etc) - requires Zigbee CC2531 stick or Conbee II
  • Aqara light switch - requires Zigbee CC2531 stick or Conbee II
  • Sonoff S20 Plugs
  • Shelly EM (energy monitor)

Non-Home assistant present suggestions

  • Yeelight Night Light - really handy and cheap
  • dbramante1928 - laptop bag or wallet

Look forward to seeing your wishlists or gift ideas!

Mine is really easy and won’t cost a thing…

“Peace on earth, and goodwill towards man (and woman and everything in between)”

But it seems impossible at the moment.


On topic: home assistant stability for zwave and node-red.

Mine: access controls for HA users

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Indeed and I can’t think of a better gift for humanity than widespread distribution of a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.

As for home automation gadgetry, in the 13+ years I’ve had this hobby, I’ve never asked for any. We typically exchange personal gifts, not household infrastructure. A motion sensor isn’t our idea of a gift but to each his own.


For Home Assistant users, I think a new laptop or computer would be a great gift. That way, they can upgrade their current system and have more power for running Home Assistant. Also, I think a new router would be a great gift as well. A good router will be able to handle all of the traffic that Home Assistant generates, so it’s essential for optimal performance. For non-Home Assistant users, I think a lovely gift basket from would be a great option. They have a wide variety of gift baskets to suit any budget, so you can easily find something special for the person you are shopping for.

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