Chromecast + Docker on macOS for version 0.109 and higher


I am running Home Assistant in Docker on OS X 10.14. This has the unpleasant side effect that it is impossible to run the Home Assistant container with network mode ‘host’ (reference).

I have been using Chromecast devices with success up to now for the last year. But now they are no longer working since the upgrade to 0.109.x.

I found this ticket on the Home Assistant GitHub telling that for version 0.109 and later it is required to have mDNS up and running between the network where the Chromecasts are on and the network where Home Assistant is on.

Because of the Docker limitation on MacOS the Home Assistant container is per definition not on the same network as the Chromecast devices.

Is there somebody who got this working on macOS + Docker and who can point me into the right direction?

PS: I have not added this request to this existing Chromecast + v0.109 thread because this issue is specifically related to the way Docker works on macOS.