Chromecast integration breaks NowTV Casting

So Just got a NOW TV subscription and went to cast to my TV, didn’t work, tried the Home Hub didn’t work either. Did some googling no help, contacted Now TV support, even less help so back to Google! Came across:

Basically enabling the Google integration on HomeAssistant breaks the ability to cast from NOW TV. This is the only affected source myself or anyone else on the above thread has found.

So the question is what is Home Assistant doing that stops the NOW TV cast feature working?

Even if we do not find a solution I hope this helps someone out that had the same issue as myself!

I’m no expert, but casting uses SSDP and mDNS which are broadcast protocols through your network. Enabling the Google intergration on HA shouldn’t affect the ability of your phone or whatever to cast around your network.

Can you do an explicit test where you power off HA, try cast, then power on HA, and test again?

As soon as I disable the Google integration casting the Now TV app works, re-enable it and it doesn’t work. It is only Now TV that is affected so must something strange they are doing.