Chromecast not working after last two HA updates

Google Hub displays all get a different error when called to play a

Didn’t change anything to do with chromecasting… Just after the first update 2024.6.0
Now on 2024.6.1

Here is an example.


These displays don’t even seem to use the cards in error. e.g. swipe or keep.

I don’t have this issue as the Google Cast Integration is (still) working. However the Google Home Integration stopped working. Fortunately for me, I don’t need that Integration.

Ya mine play, they just get kicked out of the HA screen and go back to the default google clock. While home assistant still thinks it’s playing.
I have to command a stop media and restart. Because just a start does not work until stopped. :frowning:
Not to mention all the Errors in the log each time.

So far I’ve found that if I call “Google Cast: Show dashboard view” while it’s already playing, I get all these random errors plus the display kinda locks up as in home assistant mode goes away back to picture mode or clock also Calling cast will never work again until a Stop is issued.
It’s kinda weird how it seems this is a one sided conversation with the hubs. HA can request actions but google hubs don’t always talk back correct. e.g. looses track of if it’s playing or not.

More Errors. Seemingly Random.
Display does not use the home-feed-card at all.

Knocks the display back to google and does not report not playing anymore.
ha still thinks it’s playing the title.

More errors about cards not even installed.