Chromecast or Android TV? (Ultra or Mi Box S)

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Just curious because I don’t know if I’ll get a Mi Box S or a Chromecast Ultra, Thanks. I know android TV has games and stuff, but I am more curious about their casting abilities and controlablility, thanks. The only Benefit I see of chromecast is hdmi CEC and 5.1 audio.

Edit: Yes, I am aware that Chromecast is more aimed at Google Home, while Android TV is well, android. But I am curious on how they work with Home Assistant Better, and how they work in general. I have a Roku stick 4k and OG fire tv stick somewhere…

Call me old fashioned but I would hate to have to initiate all media from a phone/Google Home.
I’m in the Apple ecosystem and my Apple TV is a daily use device.

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That’s fine, But I don’t have apple products lol. The cool thing is my newer Samsung TV’s now all have Apple TV built in, but I haven’t tried it yet. I think it is like a TV OS emulator or something.

They just come with the Apple TV app… It’s poorly named…
It’s just a place to aggregate content and pay through apple for channels if you want to.

I was only suggesting that Android TV relates to my scenario because you browse to content directly on the Android TV as opposed to the Chromecast, which requires a phone or other Cast capable device to initiate a stream.

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true. I understand now.

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Hello, I have both devices. The MI Box S for about 3 months, since then, the Chromecast is only very rarely in use. The operation of the Mi Box is super fluid !! And as I said, I do not necessarily need a smartphone or tablet to control. You have a remote control with “real” buttons. CEC is supported and integrating with HA is not a problem, but occasionally the status of the device is not displayed correctly. As I have read here but you can fix this! The Mi Box S has a built-in Chromecast, so you can also send various content via “Cast” to the TV … I give a clear recommendation for the Mi Box S.


Thank you for the recommendation. I’ve considered it for a long time and will probably get it. Btw with Chromecast of you have a newer TV you can use a TV remote to communicate with it via HDMI CEC, but it won’t work with every TV. I think the Mi Box S is the decision.