Chromecast strange behaviour

I’m seeing some weird behaviour with my chromecasts in HA. This behaviour is probably due to the particular apps I’m using, but I wanted to see if anybody else sees it as well. Two apps in particular seem to cause HA to report the state of my chromecast incorrectly:

  • Netflix: When I initially connect with most apps, the chromecast typically changes to ‘idle’, but with Netflix, it does not; it remains ‘off’. It’ll still change to ‘playing’ when I play something, but it’s weird that it has no ‘idle’ state.
  • Facebook: I watched a facebook video by casting it to my TV (from Chrome on Ubuntu), and the chromecast in HA didn’t register anything! The video was playing, but HA still reported it as off. This kind of sucked because I have my chromecasts set up in lovelace as conditional media-control cards that only show up if the device is not ‘off’