Chromium Browser not updating dashboard elements

I’m running Chromium on an RPi3 to display the UI in a kiosk format. When I boot the system, it auto-starts and loads a specific tab on my dashboard.

If I make changes to the layout, there’s an indication that a new front end is available and needs to be reloaded, but this RPi3 is running on a display that has no input devices in our kitchen. It’s simply a dashboard for information, not interaction.

Currently I have to use SSH to manually clear the chromium cache and reboot via CLI.

The bigger issue is that not all cards on the dashboard update. There are two specific instances that happen. I’m using the calendar card, which errors out if I restart home assistant, and I’m using the Todoist task card, which often fails to update real-time like it does on my MacBook or tablets.

Is there a way to remedy this situation?