Chronicles if a noob hassioer

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Bin a long time with no tinkering back in the saddle :slight_smile:
got presages detection to work :smiley: … some watt… 95% accurate. close nuff for now, seems using WiFi + phone is not as accurate as i hoped. May be later ill use some GPS solution
Next topic… duck dns :duck:

HUAWEI Home Gateway hg659 I HATE YOU… worst is i cant even replays it. using it as a “tv reserver” provided by the isp, and the wife will divorce me be for she will get rid of her sops.
now is just need to find out how to internet>router>google wifi>pi so far internet to router is easy. seams the rest is not working :sob:
http://hassio.local:8123 is not working normaly so im using http://hassio:8123 or direct ip. maby there is a hint

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nod read was strangely easy. just pufff and it worked almost imitatively. :smiley: finally i can do this :man_astronaut:
next topic hmmmmmmm
presages detection. that sound important and fun.
device_tracker:… copy past… nop copy some other stuff past… nop… hmmm add in rounder info… nop
i guess i spoke to early of cores there needed to be complicated…
googling … one hour… two hours… finally nmaping and reserve ip
its working :smiley:
well interesting… im not at home now…
i guess i need more hours in googling :sob: but at least i got the tracker up and profile picture.

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Finally got my raspberry pie :smiley: and all ready disappointed with it.
the first post i read when google to see what sd card i need.
my BRAND NEW and first raspberry pie 3b+
is already obsolete :cry: o well i can re use it later for when i finally get starred on a different project i have been dreaming about that dose not need the extra power. Still its kinda cool how small it is in real life,
Starting to set up my Hassio: Googling… You-tubing… frustrations… reinstall… frustrations… reinstall… reinstall… its RUINING.
afters few hours of trying i got it ruining. i recommend that the “few” minutes should be marked as several minutes :wink:
and the WiFi setup iiisss more complected than im used to in this day and age.
next up samba shear all the youtoubers make it look easy… well yes when it works out of the box, but even when i copy there own text and save it goes back to the default :cry:
Taking a brake…
Finally got it working not relay sure what is different now but as long as it works im happy… or at least until i need to change some thing
next i need to get working is node red, that is going to be interesting i guess.
if you are asking why bother with node red. node red + hassio videos where what drew me to hassio in the first plas
(3 ikea lights, 1 ikea hub, 1 ikea remote, 2 generic zigbee lights not set up, 1 google home mini, google WiFi)
Current equipment is nothing special and Hassio is over kill but the possibility’s of it and the ability to grow with me is soooooo interesting.
The sad part is given that im a renter for the next year or 2 i cant hard wire any thing, and lot of the relay cool stuff is not going to be passable or cost prohibitive

Use the official documentation to set it up…stop watching YouTube videos that are probably out of date.


What do you mean: “my BRAND NEW and first raspberry pie 3b+ is already obsolete”? The RPi 4 is only recently on the market, the RPi3b+ will be relevant for still a long time

I have lights, numerous sensors, media components, cameras etc. Nothing is wired. Rpi3b is no worse today than it was last week. Enjoy a fine setup, stop thinking you need something different and start seeing up what you have.

Haha true 3b+ is a good Plat from. Just was sad if I had waited 1-2 months I would got the new one.
But ofc new hardware = beginer problems

pi not pie.

Documentation, not youtube.

Why node red? Get home assistant working first.

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Surely your modem / router has an ethernet port? plug the RPi in rather than cause more headaches with wifi. You will be much better off with it hard-wired.

Node red. Mainly it’s cool
But also because I like the ui of half code hald visual
And why so early, so any thing I do will be in one setup. Hassio will be the monitor and nod the button presser
Last of all my set up is pointless at the moment, but it’s a pet procegt I’m making work before I let it take ower. Only thing I need it to do (at the moment) is to set the bathroom light to max during the day and minn during the night. Me playing with it is future posabilatus

Check out this.


While I agree the Pi4 is new and shiny, the Pi3 is hardly obselete. Mine does a great job and averages 2-5% CPU. Yes, 2% with 20+ devices. So it has ample oomph to get going and do quite a bit of work.

@ sparkydaveDave this looks cool :smiley: ty

YouTube is a great source… BUT… grain of salt is always needed… I’ve been down the rabbit hole too many times.

I’ll watch an old video… BUT I’m always …now… wary of the info

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