Chrony - where can I find the actual local NTP server address?

Hi all
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
I’ve started the Chrony add-on and it’s running fine.
Sorry if I’ve missed the obvious somewhere, but could someone please let me know where I would find the actual IP address of my new local NTP server? Is it the IP address of my HA instance? That’s the only IP I can think it would be but I’m pretty fresh at all of this.
Cheers and thanks again

This is indeed your HA instance IP

Yes it is the IP address of your HA instance. The chrony addon opens the standard NTP port on your instance so by pointing your local devices to the IP address (don’t put the port - only the IP address) they will automatically request in the standard NTP port of said IP address.

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OK, I misunderstood the question. Why not simply correct me with the correct answer instead of flagging me to the moderators?