Chrysler/Mopar/Uconnect - Homebridge plugin -> Homeassistant?

Hi Folks,
So I am a bit out of my depth here (I have just enough technical aptitude to be dangerous) - but it looks like there someone did figure out how to get a working connection with Chrysler/Mopar/Uconnect - and it is working for Homebridge. Looking at the code, it looks like it could possibly be some what repurposed (apache 2 license) - I just am out of my depth at taking a swing at doing it - and to be honest don’t have the bandwidth to go learning node.js. Wondering if there are any folks out there who might find this interesting - happy to act as a testing partner for anyone who wants to take a swing at this. In addition to control, my goal would be to get any of the vehicle informatics into HASS (Currently using a dated tablet that has Uconnect on it, and screen scraping with Tasker → MQTT although that is becoming increasingly hit and miss).



Hi Dan,

Did you get anywhere with this? I’m looking for the same with HA for my Pacifica.