Chuangmi camera

didnt find on this forum if xiaomi chuangmi 720p camera is supported by hassio. Only 17$

I’m afraid this camera is not supported by hass. Unfortunately, I have two of them. I’m interested on writing a firmware for that device, but I have no time at this moment.


Or maybe it is!!!


Did you manage to get this to work?

i dont have this camera. I just was considering to buy it, but as i see, its not supported

This is my fallback camera configuration for no-name cheap cameras. It works most of the time:

- platform: mjpeg
  username: admin
  password: *********
  authentication: digest
  name: 406_south

(Your ip and port number may vary)

i use this cheap camera
and this short configuration works for me

# Camera
  - platform: ffmpeg
    name: My Camera
    input: rtsp://

Works great! I did not have to install older version of official firmware (I had my camera fully updated). When I deployed tf_recovery.img (step 2.2) it automatically downgraded my camera. Then I configured mijia-720p-hack.cfg properly and it’s done. Took me ten minutes.
Now I’m adding it to Hass.


I got the stream up, how do I get it in Hass, u have a config for me?

On configuration.yaml

  - platform: ffmpeg
    input: rtsp://YOUR_CAMERA_IP_HERE:554/live/ch00_0
    name: YourCameraName

Restart hass

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Thanks, this indeed should work but I get no image. Should be me so I will look for a solution.

I have done some tests and I’ve found out the best solution: “motion eye” plugin. Just install and configure it from hassio marketplace and then add it to home with

  title: 'MotionEye'
  icon: mdi:eye
  url: 'http://IPaddress:blahblahblah'
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Don’t know why but I can acces the camera but it won’t show in Hass, no image available is the message. Motion eye won’t start either, ‘bad gateway’… Any idea?

Hi guys … i have hacked my Xiaomi Chuangmi Camera and i would like to do 2 things …

  • use this cam with obs software to produce live streams (rtsp protocol)
  • use this cam and insert it on my android IP Cam Viewer to access it from outside (router nat configuration)

Is it possible both ?

Perhaps take a look at this:

hello, can anyone send compiled files to this cmsxj01c camera?

Anyone tested with a CMSXJ16A ?
What firmware are workable

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same question about CMSXJ16A. Or is there another way, how to get work in HA. Like connect 3rd party service to Xiaomi Home account?

Me too, and also a newer model: CMSXJ16A
Tryed procedures but it’s not working.
I have some cmsxj01c in the house that are working properly with the hack.
Any help?

I bought the same model (CMSXJ16A) and only now have found that there is no integration. I’ll follow up here.