Cielo Breeze Support

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Wanted to reach out to see if anyone has experience setting up the cielo breeze in home assistant?

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Any luck with this one?
I have 4 of these thermostat I am trying hard to find a way to add it to Home Assistant
all what I found was a node Js code for homebridge but I don’t have a luck in adding it to my HA

Any update about this? I am also looking for this feature.

Hi! Fresh meat here :wink: I just started journey with HA and Hubitat (plan to use it for Z-stuff).
I have MrCool multi zone AC (heat pump), which uses Cielo technology - in my case I have Wifi dongle to use it via google Assistant, App and all that “smart” stuff.
I am looking into integration that to either HA or Hubitat. I took apart wifi dongle and I see that it has ESP + STM chip, where STM talks to AC unit on uart. I also saw that “wired” connection Cielo thermostats are using MODBUS. That gives me clue, that Wifi dongle use modbus (at least protocol only) too!
My plan is to create my own wifi dongle, and reverse engineer modbus communication.

Now - what do you guys propose to use for software? I am thinking to use ESP8266 and connect it to the modbus (after I reverse engineer the registers etc), or use some small MCU to do translation layer.
Any examples on Tasmota, Tuya, or any ESP based SW? It would need to be a thermostat like component, to change modes - heat, cool, dry and to set the temperature - and of course to Turn on and off (based on the external temperature sensor for example… which is why I want to do this integration in the first place…)

I will do my own research in parallel, but I hope you can help the freshman :slight_smile:

@mariojas did you ever make any progress with this? I have a Cielo And would prefer not to buy other hardware to control my mini split. I haven’t found any other forms with folks who got this to work yet

Not yet, I am not using it right now, so I paused activity… Will start again in spring.

So far I identified the protocol (to the point where I know the most important stuff, but not 100%). Biggest problem I had was to guess which CRC algo they use. I tried many with no luck. As I said I will come back to this later.

Any movement here? I just installed 5 of these and I realized the app is lacking the control I need since it doesn’t shut off the units when it reaches the set point unless you’re in comfort mode but you only get 1 comfort mode and thus can’t schedule it to change between multiple comfort modes. Obviously if I’d have known this I’d have saved $450 and done it with esp32s and ir blasters.

Hi @mariojas - Any updates on this? I also have 5 Cielo controllers and it’s starting to feel like an investment down the drain. Appreciate your help!

Has anyone else found a solution to this yet?

I have abandoned thought on using Cielo thermostats. I am using ESPHome with Midea AC component to replace wifi dongle in my MrCool AC units.

I manage to integrate my Cielo devices using Smartthings hub

@awedaei How did you do that? I have Smartthings too. I’m able to pull the Cielo devices into Home Assistant, but they don’t show up “climate” entities. For each device, device info is unavailable, there’s one on/off switch, and a few read-only sensors. So while I can turn the AC on or off, I can’t change the mode or temperature setting.

Is it different for you? How did you tackle that?

so i need a ST hub to pull the entities into HA?