Midea A/C and ESPHome component - list of all known working models and manufacturers

As an addition to the thread “Support for Midea A/C” this thread is intended to setup a (hopefully) complete list of all working models from different manufacturers.

Please add your data in a new post to this thread, I’ll update the first post accordingly. :slight_smile: If you want to discuss the component or have any questions, please use the above mentioned thread! This thread is only for listing the different models, where the ESPHome component is working.

I’ll setup a note in the telegram group as well. :slight_smile:

Last change to the list: 10. Jun. 2024 (all devices before this date are added)

And here we go (listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer name):

Brand Model Year Market Model ID More info
ActronAir WRE-035CS 2020 AU here
Airfel LTXN35UBV1B/LRXN35UBV1B 2019 HU here
Alpine Home Air Blueridge Ductless 2020 US BM12MCCG here
Blueridge Ductless 2020 US BM18MCD here
Artel Multisplit 2020 EU AMXD9RP24 n/a
Ballu BSY/in-12HN8/ES_21Y UK/UA here
Beko BRWPG120 EU via TG
Bluestar IC309RBTU IN here
Bosch Climate 3000i 2023 EU CL3000iU W 26 E here
Bryant 619AHBQ09XA3 US here
Carrier 42HVA1801E/53HVA1801E AR here
42HVA0901E/53HVA0901E AR here
42HVA1201E/53HVA1201E AR here
Extreme 42QHG012D8SX 2021 GR here
Comfee MSAFA-09HRN1-QC2 2019 RU here
Electrolux EACS/I-09HAT/N3 here
EACS/I-12HAT/N3 n/a
SIRIUS-12E IU 2018 EU here
Galactic GKZ09HM-S 2020 UA here
AROMA2R32 2020 EU GIA-S09AR2B-R32-I here
AROMA2R32 2020 EU GIA-S18AR2B-R32-I here
Eluxe Amber R32 2023 EU ELS071AMBR32 here
Idea ISR-09HR-MA0-DN1 UA here
ISR-12HR-MA0-DN1 2020 UA here
Inventor Aria 2019 EU AR2MVI here
Aria 2021 EU AR2MVI-S here
Passion 2021 EU P9VI32 here
Supreme 2021 EU SVI32-09WFI here
Kaisai Fly 2021 EU KWX-12HRBI here
Kentatsu ksgi26hfan1 2021 RU here
KSGB53HFAN1 2021 RU here
KoolKing Monosplit KK 2021 EU CF-KK12A here
Lennox MWMC009S4-1P 2023 US here
MWMC012S4-1P 2023 US here
MaxiCool AMD-AUR-09HDI 2020 EU here
Midea All Easy Pro Nordic 2023 EU UV MSEPBU-12HRFN8-MOX330-12HFN8-UV here
Breezeless+ 2022 RU MSFA1-09N8D6-I here
Forest DC AF-12N1C2-l 2019 UA here
MAE-24N8D6 2022 EU here
MAS12C1BFH 2018 MX here
MAW08V1QWT 2021 US here
Mission EU MB09N8D6 here
Mission Pro 2019 EU MSMBAU-09HRFN8 here
Mission Pro 2021 EU MSMBAU-09HRFN8 here
MSAFA-09HRN1 2020 UA here
MSAFB-12HRDN1-QC2 2018 ZA here
Real Cool 35 2021 DE here
U 2020 US here
Mitsui MTXD12HP24 2020 EU here
Trendline (12000) 2022 EU MTXI12HP24 here
Trendline (18000) 2022 EU MTXI18HP24X here
Mr. Cool Minisplit DIY 2019 US DIY-18-WMAH-HP-230A here
Minisplit DIY 2022 US DIY-24-HP-WMAH-230C25 here
Minisplit DIY MultiZone AC/Heatpump 2020 US DIY-09-HP-WMAH-230B here
Minisplit DIY MultiZone AC/Heatpump 2020 US DIY-09-HP-WMAH-230B here
Minisplit DIY MultiZone AC/Heatpump 9k BTU 2020 US DIY-12-HP-WMAH-230C25 here
Neoclima NS/NU-07AHEw 2019 UA here
NS/NU-09AHEw 2019 UA here
Olimpia Splendid Nexa S4E 2019 EU n/a
Olmo OSH-12FR9 2021 UA here
Pioneer WYS18 2021 US here
WS012GMFI22HLD-16 2020 US here
RB012GMFILDFHD-16 2020 US here
WYS009GMFI22RL 2022 US here
QLIMA SC-JA2516 2018 EU here
SCM52 Duo Airconditioner 2024 NL here
Rotenso Ukura (U35Wi/o) 2020 PL here
Royal Clima Triumph Inverter 2021 RU RCI-TM09HN here
RCI-TMN09HN 2022 RU here
Triumph Inverter 2021 RU RCI-TN29HN here
Qzen ZE-12WSE 2020 HR here
Samsung AR12TXHQASIN 2022 UK here
Senville Aura 2023 CA SENA-18HF-Q here
SENL/24CD/IY 2022 US here
Simando/Dimstal SMND-PAC-12 2020 EU here
Toshiba RAC-WK0812ESCWRU 2019 US here
RAS-24J2AVSG-E 2020 EU here
Zanussi ZACS/i-09 HS/N1 here
ZACS/I-12 HS/A20/N1 2023 RU here

If you have specific notes about your model, eg. something not working, or only in parts, just write it down together with your other information. This may help others to find out, if something is wrong or is not implemented yet. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Manufacturer: Inventor
Model: Aria
Year: 2019
Market: EU
Model ID: AR2MVI

Known issues: Fan mode feedback not always working, swing mode not working

Manufacturer: Inventor
Model: Aria
Year: 2021
Market: EU
Model ID: AR2MVI-S

Manufacturer: Inventor
Model: Passion
Year: 2021
Market: EU
Model ID: P9VI32

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MrCool (see entry with my name in the table for details) - replaced USB Wifi Module with ESP-01 on UART adapter board (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M09B43H/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) - all work outside. Added IR Led to add option to disable AC’s display and for follow me option.
Connected to the unit using cable terminated with USB plug, modified to have required notches - using flat soldering iron :slight_smile:



Note: Updated for a new Midea component:

  name: bedroom1_ac
  platform: ESP8266
  board: esp01_1m

  ssid: "your_wifi_name"
  password: "your_wifi_password"

  # Enable fallback hotspot (captive portal) in case wifi connection fails
    ssid: "Bedroom1 Ac Fallback Hotspot"
    password: "automaticaly_generated"


# Disable logging over UART (required)
  baud_rate: 0

# Enable Home Assistant API


# UART settings for Midea dongle (required)
  tx_pin: 1
  rx_pin: 3
  baud_rate: 9600

# Main settings
  - platform: midea
    name: "Bedroom 1 AC"
      min_temperature: 17 °C
      max_temperature: 30 °C
      temperature_step: 0.5 °C
    beeper: false
      name: "Temp"
      name: "Power"
      name: "Hum"
  pin: GPIO2
  carrier_duty_percent: 50%
  - platform: homeassistant
    name: follow_me_sensor_stuff
    entity_id: sensor.bedroomtemphum_temperature   # Sensor from HASS - replace with your own - highly recommended to use (otherwise delete sensor section, or it will not work correctly) - Provides ability for AC unit to use your, external sensor from HomeAss as a main sensor
    internal: true
      - throttle: 10s
      - heartbeat: 2min             # Maximum interval between updates.
      - debounce: 1s
        temperature: !lambda "return (x-32)*5/9;" # x is in F degrees in my case, midea expects C, use return x; in case your sensor works on C
        beeper: false               # Optional. Beep on update.
# template momentary switches for sending display control command and swing step actions
  - platform: template
    name: Bed1 AC Display Toggle
    icon: mdi:theme-light-dark
  - platform: template
    name: Bed1 AC Swing Step
    icon: mdi:tailwind

To keep the table readable, I added a link to your post. Is that easy enough to find for others? Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

That’s perfect!

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2018 EU/Sweden QLIMA SC-JA2516

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Brand: Electrolux
Model: EACS/I-09HAT/N3
Year: 2020
Market: RU

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Same as @paddy0174 ;
Olimpia Splendid Nexa S4E 2019 EU (Netherlands)

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Electrolux EACS/I-12HAT/N3

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I’ve got 3 devices:

Brand: Pioneer
Model: WYS18
Year: 2021
Market: US

Brand: Toshiba
Year: 2019
Market: US

Brand: Midea
Model: MAW08V1QWT
Year: 2021
Market: US

Only issue I’m having is that ECO mode turns off when changing temps via ESPHome.

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Brand: Midea
Model: MSAFB-12HRDN1-QC2
Year: 2018
Market: ZA

The model number is of the indoor unit. I suppose the indoor unit is the important part here, but just in case the outdoor unit is relevant, it is MOBA30-12HDN1-QC2.

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I followed the dev thread on Telegram, and it seems that is how it’s supposed to work…

Manufacture ,Model, Year , Region,Notes
MrCool DIY ,DIY-18-WMAH-HP-230A,2019,US, flash and plug and play with Sergey’s Dongle
Alpine Air “Blueridge”,BM18MCD,2020,US, requires the wifi Smart Pod for dongle.
Alpine Air “Blueridge”, BM12MCCG,2020,US, requires the wifi Smart Pod for dongle.

Special note on the wifi “SMARTPODS”
You need to initialize the original smartkit dongle to send a wakeup string to the pod.
Once that happens the light will turn on the pod indicating it’s listening. the far left you can see the white LED i’m talking about.

With the light on. you can simply swap out for the Midea Dongle and it will start working.

All Works well, no major issues… Thanks all for your effort in making this possible!

Special notes:
I’m going to see if I can capture the wakeup string to include in the project and possibly avoid this step.
Had to take my board out of the Pod to get the dongle to fit. working on a 3d Printable case for it to go into. will update once that’s available.

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Brand: IDEA
Model: ISR-09HR-MA0-DN1
Market: UA
Remarks: Power usage sensor not works. Also works eco-mode.

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I followed the dev thread on Telegram, and it seems that is how it’s supposed to work…

That makes no sense though. It doesn’t do that with the IR remote and I’m fairly sure it didn’t with the Midea app as well, although it’s been a while since I’ve used it.

Does it have to make sense?
The manual is a bit vague about it

But devs are still discussing/arguing how it should work exactly…

Brand: Comfee
Model: MSAFA-09HRN1-QC2
Year: 2019
Market: RU

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Brand: Comfee
Model: SIRIUS-12E IU
Year: 2018
Market: IT

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Brand: Toshiba
Model: RAS-24J2AVSG-E
Year: 2020
Market: GR

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Midea Mission MB09N8D6 (EU Market) works nice with the component.

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