Circle sensors and list sensors


When I add a sensor I get these circles: .

How can I get a list view of the sensors like this:
I think the nest thing is also a switch and more, but can I display a simple sensor in a list view?

Add the sensor to a group.

For example:

    view: no
    name: Sensors
    - sensor.nest
    - sensor.something_else

The group should then appear in your default view (since it appears you’ve not yet used views), though you may want to read the groups documentation on defining your own views.

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The solution to add a sensor to a group is perfect when you want it displayed on the home page.
(view: no)
But what if you want it displayed on a new tab and you setup the view: yes ?
Since then, I get these circles again (but in the new tab). How could I arrange the tab with a list of the sensors ?

Well, the old states UI is going away, being replaced with Lovelace. That takes a different approach, and you’ll be as well learning how to do that there.