Circles for entities on top in Lovelace Dashboard


In the Lovelace Dashboard some entities are shown on the top border as small circles.

Is it possible to define, which of the entitites are visible on the dashboard?
In my example I see only updater, 3 persons and the sun. Does this have a relation of this code in my configuration.yaml

  use_include_order: true
      - updater
      - met
      - person

If yes, why are not all persons visible?

If no, how can I modifiy these entities?


I see you have added several views to your dashboard. If you edit your dashboard, then edit the view, you will see a tab marked ‘Badges’. This contains the entities that you have in circles at the top of your view.

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It’s badges.
Press the three dots at the top right then edit the view (the house below where it says AtHome)

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Great, not seen before… :blush: