Circuit breaker TO-Q-SY2-163JZT managable on zigbee2mqtt but 'read only' in HA


I’ve connected to HA TO-Q-SY2-163JZT circuit breaker (Zigbee Model TS011F, Zigbee Manufacturer _TZ3000_cayepv1a), but whatever I try to set something, like change status, after a 1-2 seconds reverts back in HA, while on the device itself doesn’t change. Interesting is that if I do the same in zigbee2mqtt → devices → TO-Q-… → Exposes, there I have full control over the device, can remotely change the status of the breaker etc.

When trying to catch on Zigbee2MQTT how HA is trying to control device, I can see it sending ON or OFF to the thread ‘homeassistant / 0x… / set’ but as mentioned without any effect.

Isn’t this thread or command a proper way how HA should control this device?
I’m newbie here, where to search how HA should try to do this and how to influence this if so? (I read somewhere that device itself informs how should be controlled).

Thanks for any tip, advise how to follow this…