City of Austin Opower authentication problem

Saw the City of Austin Utilities (Opower) integration in HA Core 2024.2.0, so tried to use my user/pass to connect.

Connection fails. Typical debug entry:

KeyError: ‘X-Ratelimit-Limit’

2024-02-08 16:37:16.459 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.opower.coordinator] Finished fetching Opower data in 3.329 seconds (success: False)

Does this indicate COA Utilities is “throttling” the connections?

Or is the failure to connect because of something else?

I can login directly to the COA Utilities website just fine.

Only other thing I can think of is the fact we have 2 meters - one for solar generation, and one for usage. Perhaps this is confusing the Opower integration?

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Thats exactly what


So you’re sending more requests than they allow for some reason and getting blocked.

That not really correct her.

A KeyError you will get in python when you try to access a key in a dictionary that does not exist.

The response returned from the server does not match what the developer expected to get back.

I’m having the same issue and I don’t have solar. I was very happy to see COA Utilities now had an integration. Can’t wait for it to function properly! Although I’m not sure what difference it’ll really make.