Clap your hand ... turn on the light

Sometimes I don’t like to say Alexa turn on the light. Sometimes don’t have automation in place (or not working :slight_smile: ). Sometimes I am too lazy to go to a phisical switch, or turn on the smartphone.

Is there any hardware that can send a signal to HA after clapping the hand or similar?

I lights to turn on/off by clapping and this sensor:

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you have it? Is it working ok?

Yes, I have used it every day for several month. I am using it in combination with the rfxcom receiver. But all 433Mhz receivers should work.

ordered :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have any receiver. Which you recommend? (possibly not needed to solder)

P.s. I have the Broadlink RMPRO, but I am not sure it can be used as receiver …?

All of this technology to emulate a device from the 1970’s… LOL

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well there are user that programs the Google Home as an alarm clock :))

130$ for a device that you can buy for 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

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A five dollar alarm clock won’t give you the weather, a rundown of the news and turn on your coffee maker.

But a clapper would turn on/off just as easy as a $130 dollar HA setup. :wink:

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I have a Nespresso, I wish somebody makes an automatic one

I wish they would just make the on button a normal power switch. Then you could at least heat it up with a smart switch. I have the same problem with my Keurig, so I know what you’re talking about.

let’s make one, sell it in quantity, and make millions :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it’s pretty low-tech, but I just bought a cheapie $10 Mr. Coffee. Plugged it into a 433mhz smart outlet, stuck the switch to the “ON” position, and I prep my pot in the evening when I go to bed. When the motion sensor in the hall outside my bedroom notices first motion in the morning, Home Assistant turns it on.

Can’t decide on how many cups using this method, but at least the coffee is ready by the time I make my way into the kitchen.

I’ve been meaning to put a water sensor in the bottom of the pot as a safety fallback for those nights I forget to make the coffee before bed, but I will probably have to wake up to a heated but empty carafe before I’m sufficiently motivated to do that.

watch out, I think is dangerous, you risk a fire

Thanks for the warning :slight_smile:

I’d be more worried of an exploding carafe than a fire, but yes, this is the reason I want to add the sensor. - So the pot doesn’t kick on if it’s empty.

I am saying it because it happened to me. I used those cheap RF switches, I click turn off, but in reality it did not (not very reliable sometimes), and the devive stayed on for a long time.

No damages, but better not risk it