Clarification on NUT

Hoping a relatively short answer would help me here. Can the NUT add on be run on a thin client that is running HA. The thin client is running nothing else. In fact it boots to the HA console. For some reason I still think I need NUT setup on another machine (probably another thin client, trying to avoid a VM).

Yes, if it’s running HAOS you can run the add-on there.

Thanks. So all of the installing with the sudo commands and updating the individual files does not have to be done and the add-on configures itself as you go? I am not sure if I understood correctly, but if that is the case it will save me the headache of setting up Ubuntu on another thin client.

thank you for the timely response.

Yes, the add-on is how you install the software (NUT in this case) on HAOS. No need for sudo.

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This appears to be working fine, but it does appear to loose the ability to communicate with the UPS after 1-2 hours. Is there anything I can add below to keep the connection alive? I seem to recall having to do this with some of the individual files when I was setting it up on Ubuntu like using a poll command and I think a couple other things


  • name: CyberPower1325va
    driver: usbhid-ups
    port: /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb1/1-2
    • vendorid = 0764
    • desc = CyberPower 1325va UPS
    • pollinterval = 15
      mode: netserver
      shutdown_host: false
  • username: admin
    password: mypwd
    • all
      actions: []
      list_usb_device: true
      upsd_maxage: 60
      log_level: info