Clarity About Backups

I have HAOS installed on a VMware Workstation VM in Windows 10. I’m using several add-ons, but, most importantly, Z2M and Z-Wave JS UI.

Will a full HA backup cover the ZigBee and Z-Wave meshes?

I’m planning to move to ESXi with HA running on its own VM instead of being hosted by Windows. Just trying to get my ducks in a row to minimize downtime.

A full backup is exactly what it says on the tin. I have installed a blank copy of HA more than once and applied my full backup and Z2M etc. are all there afterwards.

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Z2M stores a back up of your coordinator and restores it on boot. The Z2M addin is backed up in a full backup of HAOS

ZwjsUI stores it’s own configuration. The ZWave Coordinator actually stores the network. You can backup the stick with the NVM backup tool inside ZWaveJSUI (and I recommend you do often) zwavejsUI addon is backed up during a HAOS full backup

(this is also my configuration and I’ve used a restore to move between hardware)

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Thanks for chiming in with some reassurance. I ended up going with Proxmox and everything is back up and running.