Clas Ohlson WiFi Smart Plug


I am trying to get the WiFi Smart Plug working on HA. I have got information that they are actually Broadlink devices, type: sp2. I can configure the IP address via Clas Ohlson Home app and I can control switch via CO Home app.
I get error Failed to connect to device after restart the HA. My configuration is very simple:

  • platform: broadlink
    mac: ‘78:0F:77:EB:8B:21’
    type: sp2
    friendly_name: ‘Kokeilu’

Short update: the correct type seem to be sp3.
This works:
Selecting the Services menu:

The service dev tool allows you to call any available service in Home Assistant.



Service Data (JSON, optional)

“entity_id”: “switch.kokeilu”
Turn a switch on.
Parameter Description Example
Name(s) of entities to turn on switch.living_room


Hello there.
I have the same plug but i can not see anywhere in the app where i can locate the IP adress.
Where did you go to get the Ip?

Have a look at your router discovery - look for broadlink devices on the wifi. “broadlink outlet ***”

Would you mind linking your config entry as it is now if you made it work?

Hi, looking at buying one of these.

Is this the same plug?,-WiFi-Smart-Plug/p/38-8837

Just bought one, worked great! Now i can finaly heat my toolshed with this as a switch for a generic thermostat in HA! Thank you!

Hi Kentivar! How exactly did you write your switch: section in configuration.yaml for ha to work with your Clas Ohlson 38-8837?

Anybody else knows how to get contact with the Clas Ohlson 38-8837? On the box it says (in fine print) “Model: SP4L-EU”. But broadlink platform seems to only mention sp1, sp2, sp3. I have tested with sp3. Also sc1. Cant find device. I see it in my router and have set correct ip number and mac address. Any ideas…anybody?

Recap: So in my case the problem was that the hardware support for broadlink was lagging. The Clas Ohlson Wifi Smart Plug I have is actually broadlink “SP4L-EU”. Now however, since probably around ~2020.12.x home assistant bumped its support for broadlink devices so now several new devices are supported. And suddenly it works flawlessly of course. I didn’t have to edit a single line in configuration.yaml. I just:

  1. Clicked the GUI (Configuration -> Integrations -> Add integration -> Broadlink).
  2. Entered IP address of smartplug.

Done. Now it shows up as device and I can add switch in lovelace GUI etc.