Clean 0.91.1 and no gear icon in UI

I’m a newbie and recently installed Everything was working fine but I selected the option to change the UI and couldn’t figure out how to revert out of it. So I wiped my sd card and re-imaged it. Since I’m just getting started I figured it would be easier to do that.

Now however I do not see the gear icon that allows me to change the name or see the entity_id easily. I have wiped the disk a couple of times and started from scratch but the results is always the same. The only way I make a change is by going to configuration/customization. I some how feel like this is related to the latest release because there was a version rev from the first build and re-builds. Currently on version 0.91.1.

Any ideas?


It is a known issue.

Ok, thanks.

You can use the entity registry editor if you need to rename
configuration > Entity Registry

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