Clean-Up / Deleted Integrations

I was just wondering, as we all know in the Windows world (uninstall an application - it is never really deleted ‘fully’). How about in the HA world. If you uninstall an Integration that you decided you did not like or your environment changed - is it “gone-gone” meaning there are no references to it at all?

In other words, if you were to later decide to re-install it, would it find all the old stuff, data, configurations, etc. which were associated with it before?

I had a strangeness today, still do not know why it happened. I restarted HA, because two of my sensors had erroneous data. They came back all good…but I notices the there was an iBeacon Tracker entry on my Devices & Services page. I do have Bluetooth in my HA, but has never been setup to do anything. I was like what is this? I clicked [Configure] and it just gave me a “Done” screen (so to speak) - and there was nothing there. I launched it, and it showed nothing…etc…

I deleted it, and restarted again. It did not come back. What would have caused it to be there in the first place? Why was configuration blank?

Is there some tool for HA that goes though (kinda like defrag does for HDDs and other apps do for Windows to clean out the old stuff in folders, and registry, etc.)?