Clean Up My Home Assistant Config (Multiple IPs & Remote Access)

Hi everyone,

Two years ago, I jumped into Home Assistant with a tutorial and did not really know what i was doing - but this is now my prod homeassistant server.
Now I have a thriving system with over 30 devices, but my initial setup might be a bit messy.

I’m facing two challenges:
Multiple IPs: My Home Assistant VM somehow has 3 IP addresses assigned, and I can’t remember why I set it up that way or how to remove them.

Remote Access: My config still references an outdated Dynamic DNS address and potentially expired certificates. While Home Assistant seems to function i have a new adress trough a reverseproxy that signs certs as well on the host server.

  ip_ban_enabled: true
  login_attempts_threshold: 10
  use_x_forwarded_for: true

  base_url: https://home.***********.**:**
  ssl_certificate: /ssl/cert.pem
  ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem
#  ssl_ca: /ssl/chain.pem

What I’ve Tried:

  • Removing the extra IP entries - they keep coming back!
  • Deleting the base_url and cert lines - breaks remote access even though Home Assistant is still running.

I have a backup of my VM and am open to suggestions for cleaning things up. Ideally, I’d like to avoid a complete reinstall.

Any advice from the Home Assistant community would be greatly appreciated!

Where/which IP’s, in your network-setting ?, or those in trusted_proxies ?

I’m moving to local hostnames for services and devices so I don’t need to remember IPs

I’m considering making most devices and services dhcp. maintaining IP for a single service is easy but 20 services and 50+ devices and trying to maintain some scheme for assigning static IPs is a pain

Ok, You are !, your system keeps communicating as designed thou, be careful what you “try” to accomplice, not that i know what you actually means with your post

In the VM they’re coming back. But its just a hasso install in a vm so i did not make any network settings on the host system…

when i remove the ips adresses in config
( ```




Then i cant enter my hasso webpage anymore (not with local ip adress, not with dns)

172.30.x.x IS HA’s internal … DON’T remove
192.168.1.x Is most likely your local-lan … Don’t remove

As you haven’t told/showed anything in regards to your local-network-environment, nor your HA-Network setup/Settings, it’s pretty impossible to give you any advises/tips

Somehow / at some point, you decided to write this " http: " in your config.yaml
HTTP - Home Assistant.

Decide from above, and in regards to your HA-Setup, i.e SSL ? How Do you have external access via HTTPS ? , or are you infact running HTTPS locally ?
Have you installed a " Reverse-Proxy " , own DNS-Server ?

Why ? , beside what do you actually means by “potentially”, Either it iS, or it’s Not

Sorry, it sounds like you have no Idea of What you have, Nor Why.

PS: Ijust noticed that “tiny/small” line was a pic , is most likely HA’s Lan IP, and as mentioned 172.30.x.x Is HA’s Internal , so this Pic is “normal” that’s what you should see Even in HA’s Console

EDIT: In HA-Console type:
net info … post the result

Then Type:
dns info … post the result

I’m sorry if I’m upsetting you.
I think I entered the http at the time because it was in the tutorial to get remote access and of course you are right; I have no idea about the Hasso.config - that’s why I turn to this forum.

I’ll do have a own-DNS Server and a nginx server for reverese proxy running.
The certs are from lets encrypted and get automatic refreshed for the host mashine!

The old dns and old certs are from 2 years ago where i used a service called dyndns - since that isnt the case anymore; my adress changed therefore the config changed and the certs aswell. but i never updated the config file in home assistant, i just forgot about that.

dns info:

Ok so far, it is normal that besides my local ip ( there are IS /HA’s internal IP adresses.
I did not know that; and im happy that this is fine therefore my proxyconfig is fine.

net info:

This seems to be the only " ? " , everything else looks good to me ( Beside as me, you also have the gateway/dns set to same )
Thou what does your “own-DNS Server” have for function (Is it Your “Router” ?

Anyways, is a “private” network, as your others are, question is what is this for ?, it’s not in HA’s Settings, Do you have something on this Network ? (Any devices using this Network ? ) , try to ping, and other random numbers ( From i.e HA-Terminal )

If you don’t get any responses i guess you can remove this from your config
PS: Thou do check you Nginx and DNS-Server also,to make sure that no 172.17.x.x is used anywhere

my DNS-Server is a VM running AdGuard.
My Router is therefore not my dns-server.
He is only running the dhcp service and my internet.

(Any devices using this Network ? ) , try to ping, and other random numbers ( From i.e HA-Terminal )

I can suggest angry ip scanner for that; before someone pings random numbers.

I have no sub-net with and therefore commented that entry out.
I still can acess my homeassistant!

Thanks for cleaning that up!

What do you think about the certs and the base_url thing?

I can try to change the base_url to the current one; but then the ssl certs (even if old)wont match anymore.

I would love to remove that part from the config, but it seems like its in some weird way requiered even if the data is false.

ssl_key: Path is for Nginx ( So it’s ok)
HTTP - Home Assistant.

ssl_cert: Check your Nginx settings

I think base_url is actually “deprecated” , never seen this
Try to remove it and place this above or below the " http: - section" i.e below
“# ssl_ca: /ssl/chain.pem”

  external_url: "https://your_domain_name:8123"
  internal_url: "http://homeassistant.local:8123"
  external_url: "https://your_domain_name:8123"
  internal_url: "http://homeassistant.local:8123"

that fixed at. Thanks my hero!
i added the new certs with the new domain and it worked! :slight_smile:

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