Cleaning New Installation after failed SSL configuration

Hi Everyone

I am very new to the world of HA, Python and Raspberry Pi and any form of coding so please be patient with me as I may struggle with some of the terminology used. I only took delivery of the Pi last week!

I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a 32Gb Class 10 SD card and all the necessary power supplies etc.
I installed Hassio vie the recommended methods detailed Installation - Home Assistant

I initially used the 64 bit Beta image and the Duckdns addon but settled on the 32 bit image after HA 64 bit locked up twice when trying to use the Duckdns addon and I re-flashed twice.

My question is;

How do I remove an unwanted directory set up via an SSH connection using PuTTy?

The directory I want to remove is called Certbot ans it will have files/folders inside.

would the following work

rm -rf mydir

All references I have found on the internet seem to refer to python commands outside the HA environment.

I now now would like to clean up my HA installation without having to re-flash, and try again with the Duckdns addon

Any guidance at all is greatly appreciated.

Below is what I am initially trying to achieve and how I’ve gone about it (not sure if this is too much information hence why I’ve added it after my question)

My initial goal is to set up HA with integration to IFTTT.

I have a number of Sonoff Devices and currently use IFTTT and to provide mor “IF’s” than IFTTT can provide.

I am a commercial Building Automation Engineer and I’m at total ease with nested logic and decision making but that is based on OEM software tools. I want to apply some of that knowledge to a home automation system and have settled on HA (Hassio).

The guide on IFTTT integration details the need to have HA accessible from the Web and obviously, this pointed me in the direction of remote access and security/encryption. I have tried to follow a number or methods (of which there seems to be many and not all aplicable to Hassio and I also looked at Youtube for some guides. (this was partly the reason for choosing the 32 bit image) but failed badly.

I looked at ;


and read may forum topics and guides but finally settled on this guide

All of the above guides required my to connect via SSH and install/download/clone (not sure of the correct term) which I did but with no success. I then installed the Letsencrypt Addon with limited success. I followed the instructions adding lines to Configuration.yaml file and Automation.yaml file and editing lines etc

I can access my HA instance via but it is not secure.

I am starting to wonder if the directory I created and the files I downloaded in the above guide to install Certbot are causing a conflict with the Letsencrypt Addon.

This was the point in the guide where things went wrong.

$ mkdir certbot
$ cd certbot/
$ wget
$ chmod a+x certbot-auto

the above went OK and files were loaded. the following is here it went wrong

$ ./certbot-auto certonly --standalone --preferred-challenges http-01 --email [email protected] -d

I got an error due to missing dependencies which was beyond me and a google search did not come up with a solution.

I now now would like to clean up my HA instalation and try again with the Duckdns addon which leads back to the beginning of my post.

Again, any help for a complete Noob greatly appreciated.