Cleaning up deprecated yaml

As more configuration moves to the GUI, a lot of old yaml configuration is now deprecated and no longer needed. However, I haven’t been good about removing those old yaml configs, and I’d like to clean up all of my unused configs. Is there any good way of identifying code in my configs that isn’t used anymore? I know sometimes the logs say that configs are deprecated, but does it always?


Some things move to UI and leave yaml as option. Not sure if that counts for you.

Deprecated ,removed or replaced, Those show in log always and/or break your HA instance

Review the logs on HA restart and comment out config, then restart again to confirm it still works and then clean up secrets file too.

Thanks for that differentiation! Yes, ideally I’d like to remove any yaml configs that are redundant, because I don’t want to have duplicated configs sitting around. Is it just a matter of removing any yaml for an integration that shows up in the integrations GUI?

That’s true, I could take that approach. Thanks!