Clear energy data from three sensors over 8 days

Hello people!
I have 8 days where I want to have deleted the data of three old energy sensors because they overlap with the new ones. Using the tool in Home Assistant in the Developer Tools → Statistics I can’t solve the problem because the entities are already disabled. And if I would activate them, more wrong data would be saved than I can delete individually, because you can only delete single data.
How can I solve the problem?

Only the spook integration offer another way inside HA to alter the database.
Other than that it is database tools and directly editing it, which can be a bit overwhelming if you are not used to relation databases.

Did you ever find a way to do this?

My energy data went awol when reconfiguring / starting fresh, so i have a massive negative energy on the day I changed it around lol (wish I had that in credit :slight_smile: )

Just need to zero the data out for that day