Clearing a notification

Is there a way to clear/remove a notification in iOS like there is in Android?
(see here for Android instructions - if you pass clear_notification with the same tag, the notification is cleared)

I am also interested in this, it is possible in apns to delete a notification with the know id and I tried a couple variations of trying to shove del-id into the current service. Started reading through some of the notify code on both core and mobile app side but have not found anything yet, literally just started my journey this morning. Here is a quick primer I found on removing notifications

Edit: After reading through the link I posted a few more times I miss-took del-id as an apple internal header/flag, but looks like something the author implemented in his example to catch an id to pass to the delete service… I am not a mobile developer so I did not get far combing through the iOS companion source code. I guess it’s time to read up on Swift

Edit 2: HA so there is already a pull request for this in the repo and the user even references the same blog post I did, will need to keep an eye on this.

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That’s great news. I hope we get to enjoy it soon, but I believe the release schedule for the iOS app is pretty infrequent.