Cleverio Air Purifier thru Tuya integration?

I’ve managed to install HA, and have gotten lots of devices and integrations working but i’ve ground to a standstill when it comes to getting my Cleverio air purifier working with HA. I’ve managed to start a tuya integration (Which shows some of my switches and other utilities) and i’ve added the air purifier to the Tuya android app, but i cant get HA to pull the device and get it working. I’ve tried reinstalling the whole integration and i’ve tried the Tuya pull devices call under the developer menu.

So, anyone got any creative tips how to get it working?

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i havent even been able to add it to any other app than the deltaco app which has no integration. Smart life app should also be able to add the device (i could not make that work either) but that also has HA integration.

Btw, how where you able to add the device? I could not make it connect. It just shutdown pairing mode but dont add. So it is atleast communicating with the device