Cleverio Smart GU10 RGB LED-pære 370 lm


There is an offer here for Cleverio Smart GU10 RGB LED-pære 370 lm, they run on WiFi and can be controlled via Smart Life - Smart Living made by Tuya.
Does anyone have any experience with adding these bulbs for Home Assistant?

That’s not very bright.

It’s not a lot. Comparable to the Tradfri ones I have now, as long as the rating reflects reality.
Since it’s on a pretty good offer it might be good enough.

I have 3x 400lm today which is more than enough for my needs, but are thinking of replacing them to get white light during the day and red in the night.

I have no experience with the ones you’re referring to, but the cleveriq smart plug relies on a working internet connection and the socket send a lot of packets out on the internet as far as I can see.

Would be interesting to know if they can be reflagged with Tasmota or in any other way controlled locally.