Clickable IP Addresses in Lovelace

It would be great to have an option that allows IP Addresses displayed in LoveLace to be clickable. I have lots of Tasmota devices and IP Address is an enabled entity. Would then be able to click the IP Address in the UI to open a new tab with the Tasmota UI for that device.

You could use the weblink entity:

  - type: weblink
    name: Router

Thanks for the option but I would then need to configure this for each device specifically rather than just enabling the IP Address entity.

I use dhcp on all tasmota devices since tasmota integration. Not happy to set everything back to static and manually make new lists

Perhaps the tasmota integrations devs can add a few extra column in the view of the tasmota integration ?

column with clickable ip and tasmota version would be great. Both data is already known of the tasmota devices. Just missing in the overview of the entities

Maybe a combination of Tasmota publishing the UI address ie or http://mydhcpname as an MQTT value and then HA making UI addresses clickable.

Therefore maybe my feature request is to make correctly formatted URL values clickable :slight_smile: