clickAction behavior

I’m using the clickAction to open my weather dashboard when the notification is tapped o the phone.

service: notify.mobile_app_richs_phone
  title: 'Alert: {{ state_attr (''sensor.medina'', ''alerts'')[0].event }}'
  message: 'Warning. {{ state_attr (''sensor.medina'', ''alerts'')[0].NWSheadline }}'
    ttl: 0
    priority: high
    persistent: true
    tag: persistent
    clickAction: /lovelace/weather

This works as expected but only if the HA app is not currently open. If it is open, and on another view, tapping the notification only opens the app to whichever view it was last displaying. It doesn’t open the Weather view specified. Is that expected, or did I do something incorrectly?

If you can reliably reproduce it, create a bug on github with precise steps after attempting to start fresh: