clickAction in companion keeps opening the app instead of website

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Whenever my webhook gets triggered I created this action:

    clickAction: 'http://URLTOOPEN'
  message: Nieuwe films beschikbaar op CouchPotato.
  title: CouchPotato
service: notify.mobile_app_iphone_11_van_bob

However when I click the notification it just opens the HA app and not the website in the action.
Anybody any ideas on this?

Try using developer tools to call your notify service and push my example below to your phone, after you update the URL. This works for me and easy to add in Node-Red.

  "message": "Nieuwe films beschikbaar op CouchPotato.",
  "title": "CouchPotato",
  "data": {
    "clickAction": ""

Unfortunately this still opens the app when I click the notification on my iPhone 11.
Seems that the clickAction is not working somehow.